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About us

Become Hair Salon is an independently owned and operated hair salon that has been serving the community of Issaquah for over 9 years. We are proud to pamper guests from anywhere in the metro Seattle-Eastside area. We specialize in the amazing art of Hair Foiling. Become Hair Salon understands the mind-body-spirit connection in hair care. We can create the look that you want or rebuild hair that has been damaged by stress and environmental factors. We believe healthy shiny hair makes you look more youthful. We sell Votre Vu products from Paris France and also their full anti ageing skincare regimen that the owner firmly believes are the absolute best quality for an excellent price.  You will fall in love with Votre Vu hair care right away, noticing how happy and shiny your hair is with a new beautiful Foil and healthy transformed hair. All products sold are sodium laureth sulfate free. The result is that your hair is healthier.

Our staff has learned advanced hair techniques, eventually developing their own unique styles in design cuts and Hair Highlight Foiling. Our staff is fortunate to bring happiness to others and make them feel beautiful. After much learning and dedication, Jama decided to open Become Hair Salon. The owner Jama also enjoys owning a beautiful line of jewelry that customers are able to purchase in the salon.

Jama's  understanding of how spiritually uplifting it is to feel good about one's appearance has made Become Hair Salon a most unique hair salon. She has learned how important it is to help others feel and look beautiful.  

If you received a postcard personally from me, I gave it to you because in looking at your hair,
I knew that you have the type of hair that I specialize-excell at, am confident in and enjoy doing. I have personally chosen many of my clients.

If you received a postcard with an invitation to be my client, here is my invitation with a description detailing my approach to foiling personally inviting you to be my client!

I would like to invite you to be my client. I am a foil specialist formally educated by Gene Juarez and The Aveda Concept School. I have been a stylist for 10 years. I have an elegant in home salon. The amazing art of hair foiling has always been my passion. I have a GIFT with foiling. My customers have told me again and again that I am the BEST that has ever foiled their hair. My foils look natural and well balanced. My personal style in foiling is natural, beautiful and healthy. I have a great eye for what hair needs. Whether you need low lights, highlights, warm tones, or cool tones for perfect color balance. There are times that your hair may not need any changes, just a really close foil and a deep conditioning treatment. I believe the healthier your hair is, the more youthful you look. My foil packages always include a deep conditioning treatment and hair cut. All of the products that I use are from Paris France and are absolutely the finest in making your hair healthy, soft and shiny. I specialize in providing an excellent quality foil close to the scalp. I look forward to making your hair a beautiful work of art! ~Jama

Relax and enjoy complimentary  red wine, coffee or tea. We offer free wireless Internet access, a beautiful studio with all hard wood floors, 17 foot vaulted ceiling for a totally open feeling wrapped completely in windows and a skylight-having excellent natural light, a customer living room area with a hip asain-modern decor, products all chosen specifically to contribute to the goal of shiny healthy hair (ask us about our majic potion shine!!), an assortment of afordable jewelry on display for purchase,( and a great selection of magazines and books.

Become Beautiful, become gorgeous, become lovely, be happy.

Open 7 days a week 8AM to 9PM
Wednesdays we open at 10AM


Issaquah, WA. 98029

Appointments can be made by phone, email or text.

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